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Welcome to the Shareholders' Alliance Marketplace, otherwise known as SAM.

SAM has been developed by The Shareholders' Alliance to provide fishermen with a dependable and transparent platform to buy or sell quota, permits, and other industry essentials. In addition to providing this marketplace, The Shareholders' Alliance is committed to providing users information regarding opportunities, threats, decisions and other news affecting their industry.

Aside from providing a platform for buyers to find sellers, The Shareholders' Alliance takes no part in the transaction and no fee from the exchange. A seller's email address, and optionally phone number, will be displayed to registered and authenticated users for contact and transactions to be made outside of this application. Consequently, The Shareholders' Alliance cannot be held liable for the results of these dealings. The Shareholders' Alliance will take no editorial control of postings and cannot be held responsible for their contents, but will work to remove inappropriate or off topic posts and issue bans to repeated offenders.

For at least the entirety of 2017, The Shareholders' Alliance will cover the costs of maintaining and developing SAM, which may later be supplemented by a nominal user fee. Feedback regarding The Shareholders' Alliance Marketplace may be emailed to